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CookieTrays.com is no amateur when it comes to preparing only the finest cookies!


With a family history beginning in a small town of Palermo, Sicily. Two cousins grew up together, initiated family partnership as well as traditions that would later become a great success. Immigrating to America and settling down in Brooklyn, New York; the two cousins put their heads together and endeavored into establishing their own bakery in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  Starting with a handful of their own personal creations they reached success lasting throughout the past 27 years and going.

With an expanding product line offering cookies for an upcoming holiday, traditional, or cookies for your workplace. CookieTrays.com offers a wide selection of cookies shipped fresh across the U.S.


CookieTrays.com takes pride in serving customers with quality cookie products and substantial customer service for years to come. Offering you a taste of fine Brooklyn baked goods to your home or office.


Customer Service is what is most important to Cookie Trays aside from its cookies, making sure every customer is beyond pleased with the presentation and quality of their orders.

Recently becoming an Eco-Friendly establishment, CookieTrays.com traded in two oil-burning ovens for one electric oven, eliminating carbon emissions and all use of oil. Constantly upgrading technology for a cleaner environment while sustaining old world traditions. Making their products acclaimed not only within its stomping ground of Brooklyn, New York but throughout the whole world.


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